Hiding away is no solution to financial problems.

Speaking at the launch of the first Australian regional office of TAP Turnaround Professionals, Brisbane Regional Director Bernie Neville reminded his audience that the “number one reason” for TAP’s existence is to help financially distressed people respond calmly and rationally to difficult financial circumstances.
“Business owners in particular, finding themselves under extreme financial pressure, can sometimes work themselves into such an emotional state that they’re unable to so much as answer their telephones.
“These are the very people we are looking to help”, he said.
Bernie’s advice to financially distressed people is simple and to the point. “The first step to overcoming any financial problem is acknowledging that you have one,” he said. “Knowing what to do next in a case of financial distress is no more than a logical process, and here at TAP we have the knowledge, experience and connections to be of real help.
“Insolvency is a serious matter — that is, being unable to pay your bills on time. Regardless of any assets you might hold, if you fail to address your insolvency, you can end up losing your business, exposing your assets, and worse, perhaps eventually having to declare yourself, or be declared, bankrupt.
“That’s why, if you own a business and you think you may be insolvent, you should contact TAP Turnaround Professionals without delay. A common reason for companies being wound up, and for people being declared bankrupt, is that they looked too late for advice and support.
“The good news is that both your business and your financial reputation might still be saved,” he said, “but taking a ‘head in the sand’ approach does not address the understandable concerns of your creditors and delaying can eventually leave you with no other option but to wind up your operation”.
A former long-term business operator himself, Bernie is no stranger to the kinds of pressures faced by business owners. In addition, he has had many years of experience, helping others to deal effectively with their financial problems. His approach is simple and logical; “Firstly, having an understanding of the laws and legal protections concerning insolvency, and secondly, knowing how to apply the laws and deal constructively with your creditors.”
Bernie’s service relies on his knowledge of the laws surrounding insolvency and his experience in dealing with difficult financial situations, backed by his personal relationships with professional practitioners he considers to be both empathic and ethical.
“When dealing with difficult situations, simply knowing what to do next is most of the answer. TAP’s four-step process provides a rational way forward and no matter what the eventual outcome, and I’m completely confident that the majority of our clients will be left with feelings of relief and gratitude at the solutions we provide”.
For more information or help with financial problems contact TAP Turnaround Professionals on 1300 518 070.