Bittersweet Adani announcement two years too late

I wholeheartedly welcome the $21 billion Carmichael mine and the many jobs that will flow for thousands of Queenslanders. But why has it taken Annastacia Palaszczuk two years to come to the party. It took two years for Labor to get their act into gear, there could have been thousands of jobs created and hundreds of millions of dollars of royalties coming into Queensland. As recently as three weeks ago the Palaszczuk Labor Government was still putting roadblocks in the way of this vital project, all to secure inner-city Green votes. Just a few weeks ago, the LNP led the charge in State Parliament to ensure this project wouldn’t be held up by further red tape from Labor.  When we came into Government in 2012, this project had been languishing for years under the Bligh Government.

We moved immediately to progress a Galilee Basin Development Strategy and the Coordinator-General’s Environmental Impact Statement process to get this project off the ground as quickly as possible.

Labor has been dragged kicking and screaming to support this project and any attempt to claim credit for it is an absolute sham.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk says these jobs won’t go to 457 Visa holders but admits there’s no written guarantee from Adani to ensure jobs go to local workers.

I would have thought a written commitment would be wise to guarantee we can deliver these jobs to those who need them most.

Queenslanders deserve a guarantee from Annastacia Palaszczuk on these jobs– anything less and she has failed them again. “

The LNP has been unwavering in its support for this project – it’s a shame Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Government have taken so long to see the big picture.