What is Pre-Insolvency?
Pre-insolvency involves organising your tasks and schedule so you’re prepared for the next step to protect your interests, before going into insolvency, liquidation, administration or bankruptcy. It mainly involves collecting all the information you need to help to design a strategy that will best suit and protect you and your family.

What can Turnaround Professionals do?
Hopefully we can save your business, and we will look at that first. If your business is beyond saving, we’ll do what we can to make sure the directors are positioned to best protect their personal assets.

How much time do we have?
If you’re in any doubt you should act quickly— start by calling us on 1300 518 070. It will cost you nothing to find out. It is a sad fact that many people wait until it is too late to take action to relieve the pressure from creditors. Given enough time, we can possibly help you to turn your business around, or if it is beyond help, put your business into Voluntary Administration and negotiate a Deed Of Arrangement with your creditors.

Can Turnaround Professionals save my business?
We sincerely hope we can save your business, and we always look at that first. See the Section — Turnaround

What if my business cannot be saved?
Our first objective would be to protect owners and directors by:
Encouraging, supporting and reassuring
Making sure all loans to your business are properly recorded
Making sure any money owed to your business is properly recorded
Ensuring that all assets are correctly recorded
Reviewing your records to ensure that loose ends are secured
Helping you prepare paperwork for the Liquidators
Helping you complete the ATO paperwork
Helping you make the best of your circumstances.

How would Turnaround Professionals collect money owed to me?
We would refer you to our effective debt collector associates who get paid only if they collect your money for you.

How would I enter Voluntary Administration?
In the event that voluntary administration is appropriate or inevitable, we would help you to select and appoint the administrator, and liaise with him or her to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

How could I negotiate a Deed of Company Arrangement?
Turnaround Professionals will do all that for you.

What can I expect during my financial crisis?
Turnaround Professionals can draw on our extensive experience of many cases that are similar to yours. We can tell you exactly what is likely to happen, and when.

How much will Turnaround Professionals cost?
Your first TAP consultation is free, where we will start gathering information we need to develop a plan of action. Our strategy document is likely to include a once-only charge for our services, and our charge will be based on the complexity of your situation. This once-only fee is so you are not constrained by being concerned about running up additional charges every time you contact us. Our aim is to take away your worry and stress, and to put you back in charge of your situation and your future.

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We Specialise In Eradicating Financial Problems. Now Let Us Help You.

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed? Do you feel like there’s no hope for the business you’ve poured your heart, soul and savings into? Does it feel like you’re alone, battling against a horde of creditors and unpaid bills?

Well, we’re here to help. We want you to know that you’re not alone and there IS hope. At Turnaround Professionals, we specialise in saving distressed businesses all around Australia with fast, workable solutions to eradicate your financial problems and get you back on track.

About To Give Up Hope On Your Business? It’s Not Too Late.

The symptoms are always the same. You put more and more work into your business to no effect. You work longer and longer hours and yet the bills keep piling up and every phone call makes you jump, wondering if it’s yet another person asking for payment. But the thing is, the problem isn’t your product or service. More hours aren’t always the fix.

There are simple, concrete steps you can take with the financials of your business that will make a world of difference. What you need isn’t to work harder or to stress more. What you need is solid financial and business advice to help you pay down your debts, streamline your business and start making profit again. And that’s where we can help.

Here’s How We’ll Bring You Back From The Brink Of Bankruptcy:

Your own specialist financial distress team working to get your business back in the black and to turn your life around.
A realistic action plan customised for your unique situation which we will help you implement to slash your debts, trim excess costs and get your business profitable again.
Efficient strategies to help you and your family deal with the financial and emotional stress during this difficult time that will get back your quality of life.
Fast, workable solutions for any kind of financial problem that will help you get back on your feet in the shortest time possible.
In-depth finance analysis to unlock money from assets you never knew you had – so you can pay off those debts and stop stressing about unpaid bills.
Clear guidance in the case your business has to be closed, that will make sure you have the softest landing possible that minimises the impact on your family and quality of life.

REMEMBER! When facing bankruptcy every second counts. What you do in the next 24 hours could very well determine the fate of your business and quality of life. Simply fill in the form below and one of our specialist financial distress business coaches will get in touch with you right away.

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