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Bernie Neville DFP, Dip.MS, AFAIM

The support we needed…

Bernie Neville gave us the support we needed during a very difficult time —emotionally and in every other way. He was sympathetic and knowledgeable. He immediately understood our position and told us what we should do. His plan gave us confidence to move forward and deal with our situation, and put us back in control. Bernie really knows the ropes and was able to put some of our main fears to rest. He was also a massive help in showing us legitimate ways to protect our interests and make the most of what we still had going for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Bernie and Turnaround Professionals for anyone struggling to cope in a financial crisis.
Ken — Ashgrove

Exceptional service…

Bernie gave us exceptional service and he certainly knows his stuff. He made the whole process simple and hassle free and his job did not stop there — his follow up service was exceptional also. Bernie always got back to us in an efficient and timely manner with answers and any information we requested. I am happy to recommend Bernie as he did a really terrific job.
Simon — Sumner Park

Made a good friend…

We were able to work closely with Bernie and raise our business from the ashes. We felt we had direction and purpose again, no longer alone and isolated. There was light at the end if the tunnel and it wasn’t from an “oncoming train”. Even when it eventually became necessary to wind up the business it was a painless process because Bernie was there to support us. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to go through it without him. Today we have a new business up and running, and Bernie and I stay in contact. I feel I’ve made a good friend. I would never hesitate to recommend Bernie and his skills to anyone in need.
David — Moorooka

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The first step to overcoming a financial problem is acknowledging that you have one.
What happens after that is simply a process, and Turnaround Professionals is here to help you.

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Business Bankruptcy & Debt Advice

When you hit seriously rough times financially as a business, bankruptcy can often seem like the only plausible course of action.

After all, once all your other options seem to have been exhausted and you still have creditors chasing you and causing you massive amounts of stress, the idea of essentially capitulating and starting afresh can actually start to feel very attractive.

But it’s always worth remembering that bankruptcy is very far from being a simple ‘fresh start’. When a business goes bankrupt it must sell its assets in order to pay off as much of its remaining debt as possible, and its bank accounts are immediately frozen. Consequently, the next few months and years are inevitably marred by immense difficulty and frustration even when trying to conduct the most commonplace of everyday financial transactions.

Furthermore, the bankruptcy will be permanently recorded on an electronic register that can be accessed by members of the public at any time, meaning that the negative consequences of the bankruptcy can often drag on for a lifetime.

With all this in mind, it really goes without saying that bankruptcy should only ever be considered as a definite last resort. All the while other options are still on the table, they should be pursued passionately and enthusiastically in order to minimise the risk of filing bankruptcy becoming the only thing left to do.

The trouble is that many people simply don’t have a particularly thorough understanding of what the other options are – and so are left believing that they’ve run out of choices before anything of the sort has actually happened.

Get Professional Business Debt Help at TurnAround Pros

If your business has found itself in a difficult financial situation and you’re currently unsure what the best options are, it’s time to get in touch with a financial and debt management expert to get some professional business debt help. The advice and guidance you receive could be the difference between avoiding bankruptcy and not – and therefore between the smooth, ongoing success of your business, and its ultimate decline.

When you contact TurnAround Pros for financial and debt management advice, you can be confident you’ll receive the help and guidance of a team of highly trained and experienced business experts.

We’ll work closely with you to gain a deep and thorough understanding of your particular financial situation, before offering personalised business debt advice that is tailored to the specific situation your business is currently in.

We’ll help you explore all the other avenues that are open to you before even discussing the possibility of bankruptcy, and you’ll undoubtedly be surprised at just how straightforward it can in fact be to avoid bankruptcy when you know exactly what to do and how to do it!

Many businesses in dire financial situations have come to us before, and we’ve helped them turn around their fortunes without resorting to bankruptcy: you can be our next success story. Just get in touch with a member of staff today to arrange a free consultation with a member of our friendly team.

TurnAround Pros are Queensland's best professionals for financial distress. If your business is becoming insolvent or you are facing bankruptcy, you are not alone. Work with debt advisors who will help you find alternatives to bankruptcy. Visit our website or call us on 1300 518 070 to learn more.

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Stress & De-stress.

Important terms associated with financial distress.


INSOLVENCY or “being insolvent” refers to a person, business, company or other entity being unable to pay their debts, as and when they fall due for payment.



BUSINESS TURNAROUND refers to the planned execution of a change in business direction, focus, structure and/or operation, especially one that results in a more favourable business and financial position.



LIQUIDATION refers to the orderly process of winding up, by a liquidator, of a company’s business. It involves ceasing and/or selling the company’s operations, converting the company’s assets into cash, distributing the proceeds amongst the company’s creditors, and sharing any remainder amongst the shareholders.



BANKRUPTCY may occur if you are unable to pay your debts and cannot come to an acceptable repayment arrangement with your creditors. In Australia, the terms “bankruptcy” and “bankrupt” apply to an individual person, as distinct from a company or business. A person may become a bankrupt when they are declared so under the Bankruptcy Act, and will remain bankrupt until formally discharged.


Solutions for Financial Distress

Turnaround Professionals can help you.

What if I think my business may be insolvent?

You should phone Turnaround Professionals without delay, 1300 518 ... A common reason for companies being wound up is that insolvency support was sought too late. If you are in financial distress, it is very important to look for competent advice as early as possible. Your business might still be saved, but taking a “head in the sand” attitude can eventually leave you with no other option but to wind up your operation.

How can I get relief from financial distress?

Remember you’re not the first and you’re not alone. Almost every experienced business owner has first-hand experience of financial distress. Dealing with financial stress depends on the individual and, in times of danger, it’s natural for every animal, including humans, to “freeze, flight or fight”. Get over it. If you’re feeling distressed, call Bernie at Turnaround Professionals on 1300 518 ..., and you may be glad you did. There are solutions to every situation. The sooner we get started, dealing rationally with your situation, the sooner you will be back in control.

Can Turnaround Professionals turn us around?

In many cases, your business can be saved, provided you seek advice early enough. Business turnaround options may include repositioning and restructuring, refinancing, or helping you justify the investment of equity funding to recapitalise your business. Even if your business seems beyond saving we can help you strategise your situation and find appropriate insolvency solutions such as a Voluntary Administration, Deed of Company Arrangement or Voluntary Liquidation. If you’re worried, call us today and find out what may be possible: 1300 518 ....

How we do it.

Our 4-Step Action Plan.

1. CONTROL: together, we get YOU back in control of your situation
2. GAIN TIME: having more time means more avenues and options to explore
3. MAKE A PLAN: aim to prepare for every eventuality, so there are no surprises
4. TAKE ACTION: take positive steps towards achieving a predictable outcome.

Our Services

  • Practical management advice
  • Support and understanding
  • Troubleshooting your problems
  • Arrange to collect money owed to you
  • Negotiate with your creditors
  • Set up creditor controls and agreements
  • Plan your Business Turnaround
  • Support your Business Turnaround
  • Help you reposition your Business
  • Business and Company Restructuring
  • Asset structuring and protection
  • Insolvency support and referrals
  • Personal bankruptcy support
  • Act as an Independent Director.

Who are we?

We are experienced business people, dedicated to helping business owners and others who are dealing with financial distress that has resulting from changed or changing operating conditions.
We use our combined experience and knowledge, together with a trusted network of legal and financial advisors, to help you take stock of your situation, and work with you to achieve your best possible outcome.
We are not Lawyers
We are not Accountants
We are not Insolvency Practitioners
We are not Finance Brokers.
We offer you support and advice as long-term business operators, drawing on our personal experience and our knowledge of business and the law. We do not offer “professional” legal, accountancy or financial advice. If it is appropriate however, we may refer you to one or more trusted Third Party professional practitioners.

How much will it cost?

Your first consultation is free, where we start gathering information to understand your position and develop a plan of action. If you agree to proceed, we prepare a written strategy paper aimed at relieving your distress. Our fee for this work will be based on your situation and our assessment of the support and other services you will need. In most cases this is a once-only charge, so you and we are not constrained with worrying about running up additional charges every time you contact us.

Our aim is to take away your worry and stress — to put YOU back in charge of your situation — in control of your own future.

In the case of a business turnaround, our strategy will include a list and schedule of further services and actions that may be required, with line cost estimates for the additional work.

If your situation suggests that a different service or fee arrangement is appropriate, we will discuss this with you and obtain your approval prior to commencement.

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