Pitt forced to act on “Un-Productivity” Commission

Treasurer Curtis Pitt has been forced to act after questions from the LNP over Labor’s reluctance to refer matters to the ‘unproductive’ Productivity Commission. Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said Mr Pitt had referred two more inquiries only after the Commission was scrutinised for chewing up taxpayers’ money with nothing to do. “This move from Treasurer Curtis Pitt shows this do–nothing Palaszczuk Labor Government only acts when its hand is forced,” Mr Emerson said. “In true Labor form, Curtis Putt is simply scrambling to make it look like he’s doing something.

“Curtis Pitt should be working to ensure the $15 million the Commission receives from the public purse is spent productively, as its name would suggest.

“How long will Queenslanders have to wait before this government acts proactively to deliver for them, rather than when it’s caught sitting on its hands?”

Mr Emerson said more than 100 reviews had been commissioned under the Palaszczuk Labor Government, but only two had been referred to the Queensland Productivity Commission before Curtis Pitt acted today.