Labor’s reckless rush to renewables will pump up power prices

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has again failed to guarantee Queenslanders that their power bills won’t sky-rocket as a result of her unrealistic push to have 50 per cent of Queensland powered by green energy by 2030. Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said Labor’s “Credible Pathways to a 50 per cent Renewable Energy Target for Queensland – Draft Report” tried to deceive Queenslanders about the true costs of its energy policies. “The Renewable Energy Taskforce report seeks to justify Labor’s ideological obsession with green energy rather than tell the truth that it will add billions of dollars to Queenslanders power bills,” Mr Nicholls said.

“This flawed report seeks to downplay the true cost to Queenslanders of an over the top renewable energy target that will put Queensland’s energy security at risk and hike up household power costs.

“This report estimates taxpayers will have to pay $900 million in subsidies to bring in green energy, but the Queensland Productivity Commission says the real cost will be a massive $10.8 billion.

“So when Labor says the cost will be “somewhat neutral”, Queenslanders can bet their bottom dollar they will be paying more.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to guarantee Queenslanders their power bills won’t rise as a result of her policies – a promise she won’t make because she knows she can’t keep it.”

Shadow Energy Minister, Michael Hart, said Labor’s green energy targets put thousands of Queensland jobs at risk and jeopardised energy security.

“This report forecasts Queensland’s coal-fired power generators will face a bleak future beyond 2030,” Mr Hart said.

“Labor’s policy will slash billions from the value of Queensland’s government-owned power plants, putting the jobs of their 1165 Queenslanders at risk.

“It also places Queensland’s energy supply at risk from the sort of blanket blackouts experienced in South Australia recently.

“Labor cannot be trusted to keep the lights on or keep power bills down.”